Our Vision - Wisdom of the Whole


The Bark Coaching Institute is an innovative learning organization that is based on the emerging holistic and integral perspective. This new worldview combines timeless and modern approaches and focuses on connection, uniqueness and wholeness. When a new worldview occurs, structures founded on old concepts begin to crumble producing challenging times. Our vision is to facilitate the transition to the new perspective through creative and evidence based coaching education for professionals. The first market is healthcare professionals.



A new way of thinking about coaching. A new level of success and fulfillment.



The logo is rich with symbolism for the Institute and the coaching model it teaches. First, it embodies the idea of individualism and connection. It is not about a dualistic perspective of one or the other but about being able to come from both viewpoints. Second there are seven lines and this number denotes change and transition so obvious at this time in our history. And finally, an added feature of the logo is that you can see different pictures—one can be like the underside of the lines while another can be more like looking at the top of a chair. Some see it as a flame. What do you see? This attribute emphasizes the aspect of our coaching model that encourages multidimensional perspectives and learning.



The following concepts are the foundation for our coaching. We believe that everything is connected and that changing even one part causes a shift in the whole. More specifically, we think that:

  • All parts of the whole are important and need to be respected.
  • Body, mind, energy and spirit are inextricably interconnected and each is key to health and healing.
  • The well-being of those on this planet and the health of the planet are inextricably interconnected.
  • The well-being of people and the healing of gender separation are inextricably interconnected.
  • Intention, attention and intuition are powerful tools for change because of our deep underlying connection with everything.
  • Purpose and meaning informs and affects body, mind, energy and spirit.


How would we live if we felt that these concepts of wholeness and connection informed and directed our lives? We would realize:

  • That situations occurring in far off lands or with our neighbors affect us and vice versa.
  • That the world and all its citizens are like family. Human sovereignty would be placed above national sovereignty; however, national sovereignty would be respected and supported as well.
  • That rights for all species are the primary concern of society and the connection among them would be understood.
  • That people do not have to say, “This is a business decision. It has nothing to do with you personally.” People would see connections and repercussions more clearly.
  • That we could look at issues from a larger inclusive perspective—I, we, internal and external.