A Path to Learning Successful Coaching
The Bark Coaching Institute 60 Hour Course
Composed of 4 Modules

The real power and uniqueness of this time-tested coaching model comes from the multidimensional foundation and methods that invite clients to explore from an expanded framework. This facilitates faster and more authentic change and reduces false starts and wrong turns. This course invites and teaches you to function from an expanded awareness as well, allowing for a rich partnership to develop between you and your clients fostering more joy, health, and success for both of you.

The multidimensional approach is not a hodgepodge of applications but is based on a succinct, theoretical foundation that gives form to an extensive array of coaching interventions. Sometimes seeing a big picture is overwhelming but this approach helps organize and connect the pieces. The model has applied philosopher Jean Gebser’s structures of consciousness in a way that makes a user friendly, structured yet flexible framework to learn both the “being” and “doing” of coaching.

Classes, whether over the phone or in person, are interactive, fun, practical, and informative. Linda Bark teaches the modules and uses her book, Wisdom of the Whole, as the class text. Each module has a practice aspect for deeper learning. Miss a class? You can listen to a tape of the class or download an MP3 at your leisure before the next class.

The 4 modules offer:

  • ICF core competency skill training
  • A holistic-integral foundation
  • Energy concepts
  • Step by step coaching guidelines
  • A personal constitution framework
  • Transition and transformation concepts
  • Time-tested evidence-based practices
  • A companion text that explains philosophy and tools

Participants who have taken this training say that it not only improved their client/patient success but it also helped them live a healthier and happier life.


The 60 Hour Course Has 4 Different Modules
All Taught by Linda Bark PhD, RN, Master Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

  1. Foundations I Module: 15 hour Teleclass or Workshop

    The purpose of this module is to teach beginning accepted core competencies from a holistic/integral perspective so you can assist others and even yourself in a change process. This is an educational offering that is based on evidence based practice and theory. These skills can be applied to a clinical, organizational, and leadership setting by all health practitioners.

    The course work presents skills which enable you to carefully co-create an interactive, embodied conversation that will invite and encourage growth and progress for all those it touches. This course will provide beginning skill training and practice in the following subjects:

    • Coaching agreements
    • Active listening and powerful questions
    • Planning and goal setting
    • Accountability
    • Readiness for change
    • Transition theory
  2. Foundations II A Module: 15 hour Teleclass or Workshop

    This module builds on the basic core competencies in Foundations I and provides a holistic/integral framework for learning and practicing skills and tools that come from a mental approach:

    • timelines
    • behavior patterns
    • learning types

    from a mythical perspective:

    • story
    • empowerment language
    • imagery
    • dialog
    • personal constitution

    from an intuitive viewpoint:

    • intuition
    • ritual
    • individual and group energy concepts
  3. Foundations II B Module: 15 hour Teleclass or Workshop

    During this module, the intuitive, archaic and integral parts of coaching are explored in more detail with attention paid to methods such as meditation which help discover life meaning and a deeper sense of connection. The “being” part of coaching is more thoroughly examined, practiced and integrated with coaching tools.

    Next, all the tools are pulled together in an integral framework that helps you see how they are connected in such a way that allows them to potentiate each other and assist in lasting change. The structure is presented and practiced in a straightforward, accessible manner.

  4. Practicum I Module: 15 hour Teleclass or Workshop plus 2 Individual Phone Sessions with Linda Bark

    How can you really learn coaching? Practice, practice, practice with ongoing feedback in a safe, nurturing environment and that is what this module is all about. Although practice sessions are included in the Foundations II modules, this part of the 60 hour course is centered on providing opportunities for you to coach other students in class with useful feedback from faculty. This is one of the best ways to practice that meaningful and effective interaction that is so valued and memorable to both you and your clients. Two individual phone sessions with Linda Bark allow you to address your unique learning needs.

Teleclasses are offered through a phone bridge, which is similar to a conference call. When you call into the phone bridge from your phone, you are connected to the group. This virtual classroom is employed to create a new kind of learning experience that brings together a community of people from different parts of the country and even sometimes different parts of the world. In addition, the virtual classroom keeps the course cost low, avoids stressful and expensive travel, and reduces the use of planet resources. Teleclasses allow us the opportunity to meet, connect, and learn in the comfort of our own home or offices!

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