A major goal of Bark Coaching Institute is to create a community that can help change the world!!! Why not? Do you want a world with:

  • more peace
  • more fun
  • more wholeness
  • more planet health
  • more healing between women and men
  • more sense of purpose
  • more ease…more being in the flow
  • more connection along with more value for uniqueness…and no these do not have to be at odds with each other…the trick is to hold both or all
  • and more alignment for progress?


What we offer Alumni:

  • Newsletters which include:
    • A featured article on a Bark Coaching graduate.
    • Relevant news and tips related to coaching, your practice, and more!
  • Alumni phone bridge calls with Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC.
  • Alumni Facebook page, which is intended to be the heart of our coaching community.  We invite you to share, connect and ask questions in a supportive environment.  The Alumni Facebook page is a secure, private group open to Bark Coaching graduates only.

If you have completed one of our 15-hour classes and would like to join our Alumni Facebook group, simply email  and we will add you to the group.