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Expand Your Practice—3 Options

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ICF Coach Training Hours



1. Start from the Beginning
Take Foundations I, II A and B, Practicum I
—60 hours

Take all 4 modules for a thorough grounding in how to incorporate integral/holistic principles into the core of your coaching. Finish with a well-stocked toolkit so you can skillfully invite clients to look through multiple windows for exploration and action. Take the time to systematically absorb this approach into your work life as well as your personal life. (See “Overview” for more information.)

2. Focus on the Multidimensional Approach and Tools
Take Foundations II A and B—30 hours

Join others who are proficient in the coaching core competencies, have some expertise in practicing from an integral approach, and want to move thoroughly through 29 tools based on 5 different structures of consciousness addressing the “being” of coaching as well as the “doing” of coaching. (See “Overview” for more information.)

3. Fast Track
Practicum I15 hours plus 2 One-hour
Individual Mentoring Sessions

Feel like you have a handle on an integral/holistic approach to coaching but want more practice in an atmosphere of fun and support? Learn and practice approaches that are alive, new and “out of the box”. Conversation with Linda Bark required to register for this module. (See “Overview” for more information.)



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